Legacy-Bachelor Challenge – BRENNAN

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Generation 1 – Nathan Brennan

G1.D1: Hello There!
G1.D2: “Icognito” Costume Party
G1.D3: Foosball Session
G1.D4: Group Date #1
G1.D5: Horseshoes
G1.D6: Group Date #2
G1.D7: Chess Battle
G1.D8: Solo Date #1
G1.D9: Llama Fun
G1.D10: Solo Date #2
G1.D11: Dream Date #1
G1.D12: Dream Date #2

Chapter 1.1
Chapter 1.2
Chapter 1.3
Chapter 1.4
Chapter 1.5

Generation 2 – Damian Brennan

G2.D1: Welcome Party
G2.D2: Speed Dates
G2.D3: Ping Pong Challenge
G2.D4: About First and Lasts
G2.D5: Solo Date Marathon
G2.D6: Masquerade
G2.D7: Meet My Family
G2.D8: Trick or Treat
G2.D9: The Spa Date
G2.D10: Dine With Me
G2.D11: Dream Date #1
G2.D12: Dream Date #2

Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3
Chapter 2.4
Chapter 2.5
Chapter 2.6
Chapter 2.7
Chapter 2.8
Chapter 2.9
Chapter 2.10
Chapter 2.11
Chapter 2.12
Chapter 2.13
Chapter 2.14
Chapter 2.15
Chapter 2.16
Chapter 2.17
Chapter 2.18

Generation 3 – Amy Brennan

G3.D1: Hey, I’m Green!
G3.D2: Tell Me More
G3.D3: May It Begin
G3.D4: Splish Splash?
G3.D5: Ping Pong Me
G3.D6: One vs. Many
G3.D7: Like in the Good Ol’ Days
G3.D8: Dress Me Up
G3.D9: Up We Go
G3.D10: Of Winners and Losers
G3.D11: Just Kick It!
G3.D12: Bye, Bye, Birdie!
G3.D13: Who Art Thou?
G3.D14: Another Party?!
G3.D15: The Soft Version
G3.D16: Darling, It’s Me
G3.D17: Flowers Are a Girl’s Second Best Friend
G3.D18: Again?!
G3.D19: Meet the Madlads
G3.D20: It’s the Final Countdown
G3.D21/22: Green Is For Hope

Chapter 3.1
Chapter 3.2
Chapter 3.3
Chapter 3.4
Chapter 3.5
Chapter 3.6
Chapter 3.7
Chapter 3.8
Chapter 3.9
Chapter 3.10
Chapter 3.11
Chapter 3.12
Chapter 3.13
Chapter 3.14
Chapter 3.15
Chapter 3.16
Chapter 3.17

Generation 4 – Temperance “Tempy” Brennan

G4.D1: And You Are…?
G4.D2: Let’s Get Physical
G4.D3: Take Me Out
G4.D4: I’m Batman, sh!
G4.D5: Next!
G4.D6: The Good, the Bad, the Dirty
G4.D7: Kick, Kick, Boom
G4.D8: I Love Winners
G4.D9: Not this Again …
G4.D10: The Winner Takes it All
G4.D11: Art Thou Gifted?
G4.D12: Drum Rolls
G4.D13: Just Act Normal
G4.D14: Everybody’s Darling
G4.D15: Tell Me More
G4.D16: Pamper Me, Baby
G4.D17: Once Upon a Time in Sulani

Chapter 4.1
Chapter 4.2
Chapter 4.3
Chapter 4.4
Chapter 4.5
Chapter 4.6
Chapter 4.7
Chapter 4.8
Chapter 4.9
Chapter 4.10
Chapter 4.11
Chapter 4.12
Chapter 4.13
Chapter 4.14
Chapter 4.15
Chapter 4.16
Chapter 4.17
Chapter 4.18

Generation 5 – Roger Brennan

G5.D1: You Can Call Me Brain
G5.D2: The Gold in the Middle
G5.D3: *Add Punny Title*
G5.D4: Where Are the Ghosts?
G5.D5: Gambling Women
G5.D6: I Say Disco, You Say Party
G5.D7: Tetris?
G5.D8: Round and Around and Around
G5.D9: Where’s the Booze?
G5.D10: Of Arts and Stuff
G5.D11: Deal with It
G5.D12: Catch Me if You Can
G5.D13: To Be or Not to Be
G5.D14: Yummy!
G5.D15: Take it Easy
G5.D16: Dinner for Four
G5.D17: Happily Ever After?

Chapter 5.1
Chapter 5.2
Chapter 5.3
Chapter 5.4
Chapter 5.5
Chapter 5.6
Chapter 5.7
Chapter 5.8
Chapter 5.9
Chapter 5.10
Chapter 5.11
Chapter 5.12
Chapter 5.13
Chapter 5.14
Chapter 5.15
Chapter 5.16

Generation 6 – Rose Brennan

G6.D1: Here We Go Again
G6.D2: The First Goodbye
G6.D3: Yes, Again
G6.D4: Of Balls and Notes
G6.D5: Here, Fishy Fishy!
G6.D6: Steamy
G6.D7: Girls Wanna Have Fun
G6.D8: Rose’s Issue
G6.D9: So Blue
G6.D10: Yummy
G6.D11: The End

Chapter 6.1
Chapter 6.2
Chapter 6.3
Chapter 6.4
Chapter 6.5
Chapter 6.6
Chapter 6.7
Chapter 6.8
Chapter 6.9
Chapter 6.10
Chapter 6.11
Chapter 6.12
Chapter 6.13

Generation 7 – Mabel Brennan

G7.D1: Once Upon a Time
G7.D2: Fairy Queen
G7.D3: Bouncing Balls
G7.D4: Tails
G7.D5: A Titanic Quote
G7.D6: A Brennan History Lesson
G7.D7: Neat Freak
G7.D8: Hot Water
G7D9: Talkie Talkie Time
G7.D10: One Step Closer
G7.D11: The Finale

Chapter 7.1
Chapter 7.2
Chapter 7.3
Chapter 7.4
Chapter 7.5
Chapter 7.6
Chapter 7.7
Chapter 7.8
Chapter 7.9
Chapter 7.10
Chapter 7.11
Chapter 7.12
Chapter 7.13
Chapter 7.14
Chapter 7.15

Generation 8 – Charles “Charlie” Brennan

G8.D1: Hello Ladies
G8.D2: Sorry For Party Rocking
G8.D3: Ice Ice Baby
G8.D4: Hot and Cold
G8.D5: Knits?!
G8.D6: Of Ice and Thunder
G8.D7: The Queen
G8.D8: Gold in the End
G8.D9: Dat Face
G8.D10: You… Are My Son!
G8.D11: Is This a Dream?

Chapter 8.1
Chapter 8.2
Chapter 8.3
Chapter 8.4
Chapter 8.5
Chapter 8.6
Chapter 8.7
Chapter 8.8
Chapter 8.9
Chapter 8.10
Chapter 8.11
Chapter 8.12
Chapter 8.13
Chapter 8.14
Chapter 8.15

Generation 9 – Mycroft Brennan

G9.D1: Hello again!
G9.D2: *Insert Creative Title*
G9.D3: Living in a Castle
G9.D4: No Cake!
G9.D5: RED!