• G3.D4: Splish Splash?

    January 17, 2020 by

    Hello and welcome back! Last time my game messed with me a bit too much so the chapter was kinda short. But worry not! This chapter will be long 🙂 I had to find a solution for something but I found one… But more on that later. And as you might know by now, every… Read more

  • G3.D3: May It Begin

    January 15, 2020 by

    Hello and welcome back to another chapter! As a little warning: My plans for this chapter could not be put into action because the game hates me, obviously. You’ll find out about the issue during the chapter. And due to this problem the chapter is extremely short 😦 Sorry! Let’s start with something positive: George,… Read more

  • G3.D2: Tell Me More

    January 13, 2020 by

    Hello and welcome back! This is the chapter for which I made the quiz 🙂 The answers to the quiz and the scores of each creator will be shown at the end 🙂 Let’s start now! George: *hiss* I’m building a snowpal! I’ll call it Caleb and then destroy it! Sounds healthy. And this snowpal… Read more

  • G3.D1: Hey, I'm Green!

    January 10, 2020 by

    Hello everyone! Do you see the title? Do you know what this means? Ah yes, finally! The new bachelor part begins. Well, bachelorette this time as Amy won the poll. I hope we won’t regret that… Let’s dive right in 🙂 Why are you wearing your cold outfit? Amy: Aren’t you supposed to ask me… Read more

  • Chapter 2.18

    January 2, 2020 by

    Hey everyone! The casting has started and we have some cool guys yet! There are still spots left and even when there are more, just submit a man you think our bitch of the year heiress could fall in love with 🙂 There’s also something I noticed here on WordPress and it almost knocked me… Read more

  • Chapter 2.17

    January 1, 2020 by

    Hello and welcome to the new DECADE! Or how normal people say it: Happy new year! 🙂 At the end of this chapter you will officially be notified about who will be heir/heiress and also the next bachelor/bachelorette! And you’ll find a link to the casting for it 🙂 Ok, so what happened last time?… Read more

  • Chapter 2.16

    December 31, 2019 by

    Hello hello! Another chapter is here. I only played a little bit (lol JK, half the day) and have tons of new screenshots for you! A lot happened so let’s start. No one in the household knew what to do so I gave them a bit of family time – as if they didn’t spend… Read more

  • Chapter 2.15

    December 30, 2019 by

    Hello hello! And welcome back! The poll is still open and there was more activity than I had expected 😀 I hope I didn’t make a huuuuuge mistake. In this chapter. Let me show you. Damian: Who are you? You cutie, you! Florian: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! This is the first time in a long time (time, time,… Read more

  • Chapter 2.14

    December 28, 2019 by

    Hello and welcome back! I hope you all had some nice holidays (and the food coma wasn’t too bad). A new chapter? What? Yes, you get a new chapter today. The reason why I planned to wait until the new year is that Amy is close to being a young adult. She’s currently in the… Read more

  • Chapter 2.13

    December 25, 2019 by

    Hello there! I have some news for you all. After this chapter is published, I will set up the vote thread on the forum! So check out my forum thread (here) and you’ll find a link to the poll 🙂 For the poll – as you will notice at the end of this chapter –… Read more

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