• G8.D1: Hello Ladies

    April 10, 2021 by

    Hello everyone! Can you believe this? Generation 8 is looking for love! 7 wonderful women will try to win Charlie’s heart and let’s hope that he won’t scare them away with his attitude… As my holiday break will be over in two days, there will only be chapters on Saturdays. I’ll try my best to… Read more

  • Chapter 7.15

    April 8, 2021 by

    Hello everyone! Last chapter before the bachelor (and end of generation 7, crazy!) Most important thing first: The bachelor part will start next week and there will be one chapter every Saturday again. Why? Because my two weeks break is almost over and I will be happy to even get to write a chapter once… Read more

  • Chapter 7.14

    April 2, 2021 by

    Hello again! Yes, two chapters in a row B) Even better: two chapters in one! I played a lot lately and all three boys are teens now. I could have posted another two chapters but… I’ll be too busy the next three days and I really want to go on 🙂 I hope you don’t… Read more

  • Chapter 7.13

    April 1, 2021 by

    Hello again! Isn’t it nice to get surprise updates during the week? You’re welcome 😋 So what happened last chapter? Well, it can be said super fast: Mark kissed all his new girlfriends. And guess what? We go on there 😀 Who do we meet at night at the campus? Bryon! 😀 Get married!!! Bryon:… Read more

  • Chapter 7.12

    March 30, 2021 by

    Hello there! I promised you more chapters in the following two weeks so here we are 🙂 What happened last chapter? You’d think I’d recall that as I wrote it only four days ago but… NOPE 😀 Ok, so the only thing that really happened was Mark working hard on his aspiration 😀 He kissed… Read more

  • Chapter 7.11

    March 27, 2021 by

    Hello and welcome back! There was a bit less of time to wait in between chapters this time. Probably because I forgot to post a chapter last Saturday and made up on Monday. At least I think it was on Monday… Anyway, as I have two weeks off work now (YAY) I have enough time… Read more

  • Chapter 7.10

    March 22, 2021 by

    A belated hello to all my loyal readers! I am so sorry there was no new chapter on Saturday. Why wasn’t there one? Well, I forgot. ._. I wasn’t busy or anything. Just… forgot about it. Over food *cough* Ok, you deserve the whole story: I always buy bread and such for the whole week… Read more

  • Chapter 7.9

    March 13, 2021 by

    Good morning or whatever time it is at your place at this exact moment! 🙂 So what happened last chapter? A lot of small things but still, a lot. Perla’s ghost already showed up and she’s as lovely as we know her, Lily died (Rose’s little sister), I found out that the medium skill is… Read more

  • Chapter 7.8

    March 6, 2021 by

    Hello Hello! Let’s make this intro short for once: Perla passed away, Adrian is a little sissy when it comes to ghosts and the ghosts enjoy this way too much 😀 And on with the new chapter. Mark: This place is a mess! Philip: Mommy! I’m too hot… Mabel: 5 seconds. All I wanted was… Read more

  • Chapter 7.7

    February 27, 2021 by

    Heyho! Chapter 7! How crazy is that?! We’re so far in this generation again… But don’t worry, there will be plenty of chapters left. I have screenshots up to chapter 10 (almost 11) and the boys aren’t teens yet. So plenty of chapters left. I hope you like that just as much as I do…… Read more

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